Here is a list of the new features available in version 2.0:


Qt Architect now supports the internationalization features of Qt 2.0. An option in the file generation tab of a dialog's properties will enable internationalization for the dialog. The following strings will be passed through the tr() call:

Qt Architect itself is compatible with the Qt 2.0 internationalization support. A preference can be set for the .qm compiled translation file used by tr(). This file will enable all text in Qt Architect to be translated. Currently, no other languages are supported. Support for German will be made by Klaus soon. The .qm file will be available here. English is the default if no translation file is specified.


Support for modules on HP-UX and WIN32 is available. The code isn't tested, but *should* work.

The KDE module no longer works. The module won't compile with Qt 2.0. KDE 2.0, when released, will enable the module to work again.

Code Generation

The following code generation changes were made:


The following widgets were added:

UI Changes

The following user interface changes were made:

Upgrade from Qt Architect 1.x

There is a Perl script,, which will update a 1.x version .dlg file to a Qt 2.0 compatible .dlg file.