Qt Architect

Qt Architect is a versitile screen architect for the Qt widget set.

Changes in Version 2.2

Tab order dialog

With the tab order dialog, it is possible to change the order in which the focus will shift using the tab key for your dialogs. The actual order is displayed while you're editing it.

Code Generation

It's now possible to save the dlg file seperate from the code generation. Therefore, a new option has appeared in the generation dialog.

Changes in previous versions: [2.1] [2.0] [1.4.4] [1.4] [1.3] [1.2] [1.1]


Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of Qt Architect in action:


The source for Qt Architect is available under the GPL. The source builds on Linux, other Unices, and even Windows. It is developed on a standard RedHat 6.2 Linux box with egcs 2.91.66, flex 2.5.4, and GNU make. The README, TODO list, and documentation (QtArch.ps.gz) are available for viewing.

QtArch is hosted on Sourceforge. You're invited to check for new stuff there, using cvs directly. Usually the stuff is much more up to date than on this side...

Version Source Binaries
2.2 qtarch-2.2-1.src.rpm qtarch-2.2-1.i386.rpm

Qt Architect Users

If your program uses Qt Architect for the creation of its windows, send me a link to your program along with a short description and I will add it to list of users.
Qt Architect was created and is copyrighted by us, Jeff Harris and Klaus Ebner. It was developed on Linux. Please submit all suggestions, bug reports, and patches :) , to the Sourceforge project page..